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Since 2004, the company has been an exclusive representative for the Austrian company Werner&Weber GmbH from Wien, which is specialized in production of screw-driver compactors.
Screw-driver compactor (Schneckenverdichter) is the latest achievement of the technical solution for volume reduction of different sorts of waste and used material. Compression of waste is in the proportion 10:1. A container of size 30 m3 enables the disposal of  8 tones of cardboard, 6 tones of foil, 6 tones of crushed pallet or 10 tones of communal waste material. This can be achieved due to the screw which has a specially shaped spiral line used for individual waste. It cuts the material and therefore destroys the tension in the material. The power of the engine in the compactor is from 9 to 18 kW, depending on the sort of the media which is being compressed. We offer a solution from the project to delivery, installation, and service in cooperation with the above mentioned company.

The experience of many satisfied buyers abroad shows that the product not only reduces expanses of waste disposal, but also saves space and time. The product is very interesting for the Slovenian market as well.



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